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General web design packages

Are you a owner of small business in Winterthur and need a new website ? You are at the right place.
Compare packages and prices for web design services in Winterthur that will meet your needs & budget.

Presented prices for web design are based on requested quote
and relate to 3 main classes of website, Starter , Standard website and E-Commerce.
Below you will find more details about webdesign packages, what they include, price estimate…

A: Starter

  • Clean & Responsive website
  • Limited design revision
  • Up to 5 initial pages
  • small gallery / services /products
  • Contact form
  • . . .
  • . . .

B: Standard

  • Attractive & Responsive design
  • 1 design revision
  • Up to 12 initial pages
  • Products & Gallery
  • Various modules
  • WP CMS
  • . . .

C: E-Commerce

  • Attractive & Responsive design
  • 1 design revision
  • Shopping cart
  • Product Filtering
  • Various payment options
  • Custom modules
  • CMS

D: Extras

  • Hosting & Domain
  • Maintain & Updates
  • Free support
  • SEO guide

Average prrices from Web agencies in Winterthur

Below you can find comparison of packages and prices from several web agencies and developers in Winterthur and around.

RESIGN Graphic & Webdesign

''RESIGN is a modern design and web agency based in Winterthur, creating eye-catching company websites, modern logos and holistic company appearances. Our web designers design clear and focused websites''

PRICES - A: 2'900 Chf / B: 3'900 Chf / C: 8'500 Chf / D: Incl.

Indyaner media GmbH, Winterthur

''We are a Winterthur agency for web design and coding. Our strengths include unique solutions and professional implementation. We program everything from the ground up with our own programmers.''

PRICES - A: 1'990 Chf / B: 2'990 Chf / C: 6'990 Chf / D: Incl.

Punktfabrik - your web agency

''We use an open source CMS with thousands of available extensions and plugins. Your site is modular and almost unlimited. You can publish content by yourself after a short training session.''

PRICES - A: 2'000 Chf / B: 3'000 Chf / C: 8'500 Chf / D: Not Incl.

Escapenet Web solutions

''As a full-service web agency, we rely on individual, tailor-made concepts. We create customer-specific solutions from idea to final product. We stand for individual and pragmatic solutions that reach the goal.''

PRICES - A: 1'500 Chf / B: 2'550 Chf / C: 5'500 Chf / D: Not Incl.

Sunpage Multimedia agency

''As a small web agency we create individual websites and websites for small businesses, clubs and private individuals. In 2000, we started working with various web content management systems''

PRICES - A: Not provided / B: Not provided / C: / D: Not Incl..

Cloud Web

''Our strengths lie in the holistic realization of company-oriented web solutions. The company CloudWEB offers online marketing , web development , design and a perfect technical realization.''

PRICES - A: 1'900 Chf / B: 3'100 Chf / C: 9'500 Chf / D: Incl.

Web Design in Winterthur

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