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with web development agencies

Babylon Web Agency is open for collaboration with other webdesign and digital agencies all over the world.
guest post, articles promotion, post/page/site reviews, that will bring mutual benefits.

About Us

We are present (with separate websites) in several countries, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria and France. Most of our sites are multilingual (content in English, German and French language), all contain high quality content, fully indexed and rated by google.

We are open for partnership with other similar agencies around the globe for mutual promotion and benefits.

Articles Promotionreposted on our sites

Help with articles promotion

As mentioned above, we are present in several countries with separated websites with high quality content in English, German and French language. We will be happy  to publish a review (or related article) for your article with link to original (to your website) and help you with promotion, if you are ready to do the same for us.

* You need to prepare and rewrite (not copy) a summary of original article (up to 250-300 words)

please contact us at: if you are interested

Services or WebsiteReview

Company, services, or website review (as Guest post)

As mentioned before, our company offer services in several countries with separated websites, with high quality content in English, German and French language. We will be happy  to publish a review for your site / company /services on our website with link to homepage or any other service pages, if you are ready to do the same for some of our services.

* You will need to prepare original review for your company / services / website  (up to 250-300 words) including anchor text and link(s) page.

if you find this interesting, please contact us at:


Outsourcing web development (or other) projects 

There are a periods when we get more project requests than we can handle. In that situation we are outsourcing some of the projects (or partial work) to partners companies.

We only outsource projects to agencies / freelancer that meet some criteria. In order to qualify for our outsource partner, you agency need to:

  • have delivered complete agency profile (or resume) with full contact details
  • have solid experience and portfolio
  • have indexed website with related services / content to ours
  • have reasonable price rate
  • have bank account in EU, Swiss or UK (Paypal and Payoneer accounts are also acceptable)
  • have exchanged at least one review / article / link with us !

if you are interested, please contact us at:


  • All links need to be dofollow 
  • All published posts or pages need to be indexed (part of your website sitemap)
  • Links to your site will remain active as long as your links to our site are active (checked automatically)
  • All prepared content need to be unique, or at least rewrite summary of original. Duplicate content will not be published
  • Please do not bother to contact us if you are not a digital agency which offer similar services / or don’t have related content on your website.